The hack
Do you Suffer from cystic acne? Then Try rubbing a raw potato on your skin to ease the inflammation. Add some tumeric and it gets even more better

The promise
Here’s the theory doing the rounds on TikTok: potatoes contain vitamin C, an antioxidant which some studies show could reduce inflammation, and salicylic acid, a common drying/exfoliating ingredient in spot-care. Does a potato contain enough of each ingredient to soothe your skin?

The Experimental Test

I found this simple hack when visiting on tiktok.It was really fascinating

Some TikTok users shared a simple acne skin hack rubbing tiny chunks of grated potatoes to their faces overnight.
I looked for people with acne and asked them to try this acne hack, since I didn’t have any on me. A few girls and guys volunteered.

About 10 to 20 of them did,.

They did this for 1 straight week, every night, and their spot was gradually changed. I got blown away by the results my volunteers where getting, that the next week, I just rubbed raw potato on to just any spot I suspected that looked like it was acne, like you would a dab-on blemish treatment.

The verdict
I wanted this to work because it’s a cheap, easy hack and I feel like potatoes have been maligned since the no-carb era. Sadly, it didn’t work for me because my acne wasn’t a real acne.

My advice: If painful spots are a recurring issue, consider seeing a skin specialist first for a targeted action plan. then you can go ahead to use the acne formula.

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